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Immigrant Access to Mental Health Services: Conceptual and Research Issues

Chen, Alice W.
Literature Type:
Grey Literature
Metropolis Project
Source of Grey Literature:
  • Think-tank/Research network
Type of Grey Literature:
  • Other(reports/working papers/e-bulletins)
Funding Source:
not found
  • Canada All
First Author Discipline:
  • Health Sciences/Health Research
Type of Research:
  • Theoretical
Key Methods and Data Sources:
  • Other
Which other/Specify other:
doesn't talk about method
Sub-pop Experiencing Inequities:
  • Immigrant/Newcomer/Refugees
  • Racial/Ethnic Minority
Keywords for Health Issue:
immigrant access to mental health services
Health Outcomes:
  • Mental health
Health Equity/Inequity?:
  • Aboriginal origin
  • Access to health (care) service/medication
  • Age
  • Culture
  • Diversity and health
  • Education & Literacy
  • Employment
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Health care service use
  • Health Service Access
  • Health service utilization
  • Housing
  • Immigrant status
  • Language knowledge
  • Social support
  • Stigma/self-esteem/identity and health
DOH Individual lifestyle, behaviour:
  • Health promotion
  • Substance abuse/alcohol
Policy Implications:
Improving immigrant access to mental health services should not be confined to increasing the number of immigrants who contact existing mental health services. It must also assess the responsiveness of services and the effectiveness in improving the mental health outcomes of immigrants.
Recommendations and/or Key Finding:
Research will have to support health service providers and policy-makers by elucidating the relative contribution of different influences on access to mental health services. The research agenda on barriers to mental health services should include not only immigrants but eventually the culturally diverse Canadian population. Policy-makers can assist research efforts by facilitating the collection of relevent data.
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