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"Why doesn't she seek help for partner abuse?" An exploratory study with South Asian immigrant women

Ahmad, Farah; Driver, Natasha; McNally, Mary Jane; Stewart, Donna E.
Literature Type:
Academic Literature
Social Services Abstracts
Journal, Vol, No, Page:
Social Science & Medicine, vol. 69, no. 4, pp. 613-622
Source of Academic Literature:
  • Journal
Type of Academic Literature:
  • Journal Article
Funding Source:
Women's Health in the Community Program, Toronto Western Hospital
  • Ontario Urban/Other(Specify)
  • Toronto
First Author Discipline:
  • Medicine
First Author Affiliation: University:
  • University of Toronto
Type of Research:
  • Explorative/Descriptive/Experience-Based
  • Needs Assessment
Key Methods and Data Sources:
  • Qualitative
Sub-pop Experiencing Inequities:
  • Immigrant/Newcomer/Refugees
  • Racial/Ethnic Minority
  • Women
  • Other
Which other/Specify other:
South Asian
Keywords for Health Issue:
violence against women
Health Outcomes:
  • Violence
  • Violence against women
Health Equity/Inequity?:
  • Gender
  • Immigrant status
Policy Implications:
In light of the policy-driven increasing immigration from S. Asian countries, a socio-political understanding of the issues faced by this vulnerable s0ubgroup of SA women is salient to address their needs
Recommendations and/or Key Finding:
Prevention should include community education, social services to reduce vulnerability and cultural competency of professionals
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