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Canadian cardiovascular atlas
File Public: application/pdf Tu_et_al_2006.pdf
Author/Name: Tu JV, Ghali W, Pilote L, Brien S.
Year: 2006
Canadian families caring for members with mental illness: a vicious cycle.
Author/Name: Ward-Griffin C, Schofield R, Vos S, Coatsworth-Puspoky R.
Year: 2005
Cancer survival in Ontario, 1986-2003: evidence of equitable advances across most diverse urban and rural places.
File Public: application/pdf Gorey et al 2008.pdf
Author/Name: Gorey KM. Fung KY. Luginaah IN. Bartfay E. Hamm C. Wright FC. Balagurusamy M. Mohammad A. Holowaty EJ. Tang KX.
Year: 2008
Characteristics of adults with incident traumatic spinal cord injury in Ontario, Canada
Author/Name: Couris, C. M. Guilcher, S. J. T. Munce, S. E. P. Fung, K. Craven, B. C. Verrier, M. and Jaglal, S B.
Year: 2010
Child Health Guidance Document
Author/Name: Child Health Guidance Document Working Group
Year: 2010
Child Health in Renfrew County and District
Author/Name: Renfrew County and District Health Unit
Year: 2010
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