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Illicit opioid use in Canada: comparing social, health, and drug use characteristics of untreated users in five cities (OPICAN study).
Author/Name: Fischer B, Rehm J, Brissette S, Brochu S, Bruneau J, El-Guebaly N, Noël L, Tyndall M, Wild C, Mun P, Baliunas D.
Year: 2005
Immunization coverage among young children of urban immigrant mothers: findings from a universal health care system.
Author/Name: Guttmann A, Manuel D, Stukel TA, Desmeules M, Cernat G, Glazier RH.
Year: 2008
Improving Mental Health Services for Immigrant, Refugee, Ethno-Cultural and Racialized Groups
Author/Name: McKenzie, Kwame; Hansson, Emily; Tuck, Andrew; Lurie, Steve
Year: 2010
Improving the nutritional status of food-insecure women: first, let them eat what they like.
Author/Name: McIntyre L, Tarasuk V, Jinguang Li T
Year: 2007
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