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Mamow Ki-ken-da-ma-win: A Partnership Approach to Child, Youth, Family and Community Wellbeing
Author/Name: Finlay, J. Hardy, M. Morris, D. & Nagy, A.
Year: 2010
Marginalization and its connection to stroke in women.
Author/Name: Laura Della Zazzera
Year: 2007
Measuring change in health status of older adults at the population level: The transition probability model
File Public: application/pdf moineddin_2010.pdf
Author/Name: Rahim Moineddin, Jason X Nie, Li Wang, C Shawn Tracy, Ro
Year: 2010
Measuring Homelessness in Hamilton ANY GIVEN ON NIGHT
Author/Name: Hamilton Community Service
Year: 2007
Mental Health Care Use in Later Life: Results from a National Survery of Canadians
Author/Name: J.Cairney, Laurie M. Corna, David L streiner
Year: 2010
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