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Activities to Address the Social Determinants of Health in Ontario Local Public Health Units
Author/Name: Prepared by Joint OPHA/alPHa Working Group on Social Determinants of Health (written by Lamptey, Na-Koshie)
Year: 2010
Activity and obesity of Colombian immigrants in Canada who use a food bank.
Author/Name: Ng V, Rush TJ, He M, Irwin JD.
Year: 2007
Adolescent risk behaviours and psychological distress across immigrant generations.
File Public: application/pdf Hamilton_2009.pdf
Author/Name: Hamilton HA, Noh S, Adlaf EM.
Year: 2009
Age- and sex-related prevalence of diabetes mellitus among immigrants to Ontario, Canada
File Public: application/pdf Creatore_2010.pdf
Author/Name: Creatore, M. I. Moineddin, R. Booth, G. Manuel, D. H. M. Sarah McDermott, S. Glazier, R. H.
Year: 2010
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