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"Why doesn't she seek help for partner abuse?" An exploratory study with South Asian immigrant women
Author/Name: Ahmad, Farah; Driver, Natasha; McNally, Mary Jane; Stewart, Donna E.
Year: 2009
2011 Health in Peel: Determinants and Disparities
Author/Name: Mowat, David; Stratton, Julie; Datta, Sheila; Fernandes, JoAnne
Year: 2011
Author/Name: a
A 2-year community-randomized controlled trial of fluoride varnish to prevent early childhood caries in Aboriginal children.
Author/Name: Lawrence HP, Binguis D, Douglas J, McKeown L, Switzer B, Figueiredo R, Laporte A.
Year: 2008
A case study of a Canadian homelessness intervention programme for elderly people.
Author/Name: Ploeg J, Hayward L, Woodward C, Johnston R.
Year: 2008
A community-based intervention to increase screening mammography among disadvantaged women at an inner-city drop-in center.
Author/Name: Heyding RK, Cheung AM, Mocarski EJ, Moineddin R, Hwang SW.
Year: 2005
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