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Factors influencing the retention of registered nurses in the Gauteng province of South Africa
Authors: Mokoka, K.E.; Ehlers, V.; Oosthuizen, M.J.
Publication Year: 2011
Family Medicine in South Africa: Where are we now and where do we want to be?
Authors: Hellenberg, D., Gibbs, T., Megennis, S. & Ogunbanjo, G.
Publication Year: 2005
Family medicine may be helpful in improving health care delivery in sub-Saharan Africa
Authors: Ssenyonga, R. & Seremba, E.
Publication Year: 2007
Filipino nurse recruitment as a staffing strategy
Authors: Gamble, D. A.
Publication Year: 2002
Filipino nurses glad their stories are now public
Authors: O'Connor,T.
Publication Year: 2005
Filipino Nurses in the United States: Recruitment, Retention, Occupational Stress, and Job Satisfaction
Authors: Hayne, Arlene., Gerhardt, Clara., Davis, Jonathan.
Publication Year: 2009
Filipino nurses suffer abuse and exploitation
Authors: Manchester,A.
Publication Year: 2005
Filipino Nurses Win Victory
Authors: Canadian Women's Health Network
Publication Year: 2002
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