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I won't be staying here for long: a qualitative study on the retention of migrant nurses in Ireland
Authors: Humphries, N., Brugha, R., & McGee, H.
Publication Year: 2009
Immigrant status and intention to leave of nursing assistants in U.S. nursing homes.
Authors: Sloane,P.D.; Williams,C.S.; Zimmerman,S.
Publication Year: 2010
Immigrants and the Healthcare Workforce: Profiles and Shortages
Authors: Gerova, B., Lowell, L., and Stefka, G.
Publication Year: 2004
Immigration considerations: what to know when recruiting a foreign nurse
Authors: Jerdee, A. L.
Publication Year: 2004
Immigration of nurses: problems, prospects and challenges
Authors: Varkey, S.M.
Publication Year: 2006
Impact, regulation and health policy implications of physician migration in OECD countries
Authors: Forcier, M. B., Simoens, S., & Giuffrida, A.
Publication Year: 2004
Imported Care: Recruiting Foreign Nurses To U.S. Health Care Facilities
Authors: Brush, Barbara L., Sochalski, Julie., & Berger, Anne M.
Publication Year: 2004
Improving African health research capacity.
Authors: Lazarus, J.V., Wallace, S.A., Liljestrand, J
Publication Year: 2010
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