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Job satisfaction and acculturation among Filipino registered nurses
Authors: Ea,E.E.; Griffin,M.Q.; L'Eplattenier,N.; Fitzpatrick,J.J.
Publication Year: 2008
Job Satisfaction And Morale In The Ugandan Health Workforce
Authors: Hagopian, Amy., Zuyderduin, Anneke., Kyobutungi, Naomi., & Yumkella, Fatu.
Publication Year: 2009
Job satisfaction and turnover intent of primary healthcare nurses in rural South Africa: a questionnaire survey
Authors: Delobelle,P.; Rawlinson,J.L.; Ntuli,S.; Malatsi,I.; Decock,R.; Depoorter,A.M.
Publication Year: 2011
Justice and the reversal of the healthcare worker 'brain-drain'
Authors: Justin M. List
Publication Year: 2009