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Pakistan: the brain drain dilemma
Authors: Banerjee, Y.
Publication Year: 2010
Pakistani physicians and the repatriation equation
Authors: Shafqat,S.; Zaidi,A.K.
Publication Year: 2007
Paris on the Mekong: using the aid effectiveness agenda to support human resources for health in the Lao People's Democratic Republic
Authors: Dodd, Rebecca., Hilll, Peter S., Shuey, Dean., Antunes, Adelio Fernandes
Publication Year: 2009
Partnership for primary care
Authors: Jinadu, M.K., Davies-Adetugbo, A., Ogunbodede, E.O., Adetugbo, A.K.
Publication Year: 1997
Partnerships creating postgraduate family medicine in Kenya
Authors: Pust, R., Dahlman, B., Khwa-Otsyula, B., Armstrong, J., & Downing, R.
Publication Year: 2006
Partnerships, community participation and intersectoral collaboration in South Africa
Authors: Ansari, W.E. & Phillips, C.J.
Publication Year: 2001
Philippine nurses in the U.S. -- yesterday and today
Authors: Marquand,B.
Publication Year: 2006
Philippines losing its nurses, and now maybe its doctors
Authors: Choo, V.
Publication Year: 2003
Philippines: nurses' exodus making health system sick
Authors: Adversario, P.
Publication Year: 2003
Physician Emigration from Sub-Saharan Africa to the United States: Analysis of the 2011 AMA Physician Masterfile
Authors: Tankwanchi , A., B., S., Ozden, C. & Vermund, S, H.
Publication Year: 2013
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