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U.S. based recruitment of foreign educaterd nurses: implications of an emerging industry
Authors: Pittman, P.M.; Folsom, A.J.; Bass, E.
Publication Year: 2010
Understanding informal payments in health care: motivation of health workers in Tanzania
Authors: Stringhini, Silvia., Thomas, Steve., Bidwell, Posy., Mtui, Tina., Mwisongo, Aziza.
Publication Year: 2009
Understanding the impact of conflict on health services in Iraq: information from 401 Iraqi refugee doctors in Jordan
Authors: Burnham,G.; Malik,S.; Al-Shibli,A.S.; Mahjoub,A.R.; Baqer,A.Q.; Baqer,Z.Q.; Al Qaraghuli,F.; Doocy,S.
Publication Year: 2012
Unhappy doctors in Pakistan: What are the causes and what can be done?.
Authors: Imran,N.; Haider,I.I.; Iqtadar,S.; Bhatti,M.R.
Publication Year: 2011
Universal health coverage in 'one ASEAN': Are migrants included?
Authors: Guinto, R. L., Curran, U. Z., Suphanchaimat, R., & Pocock, N. S.
Publication Year: 2015
Unmotivated health workers in pakistan: the tip of an iceberg
Authors: Malik,A.A.; Yamamoto,S.; Malik,Z.; Haque,A.; Dambach,P.; Sauerborn,R.
Publication Year: 2011
US lifts immigration restrictions for Cuban doctors
Authors: de Albornoz,S.C.
Publication Year: 2006
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